December 14, 2023

Effective Strategies for Sustainable Weight Management

Effective Strategies for Sustainable Weight Management

We live in an incredibly diverse world where every culture is different. However, despite our differences, one thing remains the same: people want to lose weight. 

According to research from Statista, 43% of people in the UK want to shed those extra pounds, with Chile having the highest percentage of dieters, at 60%. 

There are many ways to lose weight, from crash diets to detoxes and exercise regimes, but how many are sustainable? 

The truth is, very few. In this guide, we'll separate fact from fiction and reveal sustainable ways to manage your weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 

The problem with extreme diets 

We've all seen those diets that guarantee weight loss and impressive results, but most require huge sacrifices. For example, juice diets can be dangerous for your teeth, and the small amount of weight loss you achieve returns when you start eating normally. 

Then we have low-carb diets, which seem beneficial in theory, but carbohydrates give your body energy. 

Perhaps the worst kind of diet, the single-food regime, requires you to eat just one food regularly, severely limiting your options. 

The main dangers of extreme diets include: 

  • Unrealistic Weight Loss: You might feel like you've lost a lot of weight, but in reality, it's water weight and muscle loss. So, you're getting unreliable results, and your body is also losing muscle. 
  • Short-Term Solutions: While many of these diets offer initial weight loss, they are short-term solutions that usually result in immediate weight gain. 
  • Psychological Impacts: Some diets cause depression and anxiety, as you're limiting your recommended calorie intake. 
  • Deficiencies: A well-rounded diet is essential to meet your daily intake. Extreme deficiencies can result in health problems and impact your overall lifestyle. 
  • Health Complications: Extreme dieting can cause heart problems, anorexia and even osteoporosis. 

Lose weight, feel great and keep it off with these weight-loss strategies 

The foundation of successful weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise. For some people, it's that simple, while others might need extra support. The important thing to remember is that losing weight is great; keeping it off results in a long-term lifestyle change. 

Applying these strategies can help you conquer your waistline and enjoy a happier future. 

Understand the root cause 

There are many causes for weight gain, depending on your circumstances. However, understanding what's holding you back will ultimately help you when it comes to revamping your diet and exercise regime. 

Do you eat a lot of unhealthy foods? Are you consuming more calories than your body can burn off? Did you begin to gain weight after using a new medication? 

A lot of people also find their bodies change as they age, which makes it harder to lose weight. 

Know your motivations 

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to get into those old clothes you wore ten years ago? Or are you worried about your health? Knowing why you want to lose weight will make a massive difference in how you tackle the diet plan. 

It's always beneficial to join a forum or support group, as others going through the same process will support you and give you much-needed motivation. 

Prepare yourself 

Jumping straight into a diet often means you're unprepared for the changes you'll be working on. Instead, look at what you want to achieve and how you plan on getting there. 

For example, clearing out your junk food is a good idea, but remember to also plan for treats. Severely limiting yourself can have the opposite effect, as studies have proven (NCBI). 

Thinking about why you're making changes and adopting a can-do attitude can positively impact your diet. 

Eat healthy foods 

A healthy diet should include good fats, clean carbs, protein and fibre. The fact is, many extreme diets require you to cut out entire food groups, which often results in weight gain once you begin reintroducing them. 

The Eatwell Guide from the NHS shows how vital each food group is, and teaches you to consume the more unhealthy foods in moderation. By getting the right balance of foods into your diet, you can eat meals you enjoy and lose weight. 

Exercise regularly 

While diet is the most crucial component of weight loss, exercise can help you burn extra calories and ensure an active lifestyle. You don't need to hit the gym daily to see results because small changes are more sustainable. 

Instead of pumping weights or running marathons, start slowly by switching to walking rather than driving, taking the stairs more often and incorporating activities you enjoy. 

Many people enjoy swimming or joining an exercise class with other beginners. Whatever you decide, make sure you have fun. That's what will ensure you continue with the regime. 

Take medication 

Past weight loss medications didn't offer many benefits, and some were removed from the market due to safety issues. However, a new weight management medication is making waves in the healthcare industry and offering users sustainable results. 

Unlike Saxenda, Ozempic is a once-weekly medicine, making it easy to take and see results. If you're eligible for the medication, you could lose up to 27 lbs in six months (Today).

Deal with any emotional issues 

Many people use food as a coping tool for comfort when distressed. Unfortunately, this can result in a vicious cycle, where junk foods such as chocolate and sugar satisfy cravings and give you a boost of feel-good hormones. 

However, as the effects wear off, it's common for people to seek more junk food. Learning different coping mechanisms can ensure nothing holds your diet back. 

Would you like to discuss weight loss options?

Weight loss doesn't have to be a headache; getting proper support can help you on your journey. The Eden Clinic specialises in men's health, offering various services that help you enjoy a better lifestyle. 

If you'd like to discuss weight loss options, please contact our friendly team. We have a range of solutions available, depending on your weight and health background. 

There's never been a better time to change your life, and our experts can support you through every step of the journey. 

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