February 15, 2024

Men's Health Issues in Different Life Stages

Men's Health Issues in Different Life Stages

Ageing: It's something that impacts everyone at some point in their life. From those carefree childhood days to full-time work and family life, ageing can be stressful.

Your risk of certain health conditions also increases throughout the years, and knowing what they are can help you take steps to prevent them. In this guide, we'll reveal what you might experience through each important life stage.

Let's dive in.

During the 20's

Most men would agree that their 20s come with a lot of new responsibilities, which can be challenging to juggle. The student days are long gone, and carefree lie-ins are replaced with early mornings.

Juggling a hectic work schedule can be a shock to the system, and it's common for men to find they don't have much time to exercise and cook healthy meals.

Add in social events, and it's easy to see why males develop bad habits as young adults. Let's take a look at common health issues in early adulthood.

Sexually transmitted infections

According to GOV.UK, STIs are most common in males aged 15 to 24, as it's common to have more sexual partners when you're younger. Two sexually transmitted infections that continue to rise among males are herpes and chlamydia.

All STIs require treatment, and some might not present symptoms at first, putting other people at risk.


Depression is an ongoing issue in society, and young males are most at risk. Research from the US highlights high rates of depression in men between 21 and 25, which also increases the risk of suicides.

Seeking treatment for depression and talking to a professional can help with the symptoms.

Skin cancer

Fun in the sun on boy's holidays and a busy lifestyle mean you're also at risk of skin cancer. The condition usually develops from exposure to UV rays, but wearing sunscreen and regularly checking any moles for changes can help you catch it early.

During the 30s

during the 30s

It's common for men to settle down and have children as they reach their 30s, which means more stress and the ongoing attempt to balance family life with professional commitments.

Here are some common conditions men in their 30s might experience.

Sports injuries

We all know our metabolism changes in our 30s, and we can't get away with calorie-laden foods anymore, so many people decide to get more exercise. Failing to stretch properly or prepare your body for activity can damage muscles and cause hernias.

Understanding your body's limits and gradually working up to more intense exercise can help you prevent hernias.

Testicular cancer

While most forms of cancer impact older people, the average age of testicular diagnosis is 33 (Johns Hopkins). When caught early, most men will recover and go on to lead normal lives, but late-stage testicular cancer is often fatal.

Seeking help from a men's health concerns specialist can put your mind at ease and help you successfully treat cancer.

During the 40s


Ahh, the 40s, where middle-age approaches and previous lifestyle choices catch up with you. Taking proper health precautions in earlier life can be beneficial for preventing a range of chronic conditions and maintaining optimal health.

Kidney and liver issues

High alcohol consumption early in life can lead to liver and kidney issues later on. Moderating your alcohol intake and enjoying a healthy diet can reduce the risks of kidney and liver disease. It's also essential to go for regular health checks.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common concern among overweight and obese individuals, but it's highly avoidable. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet is key to both preventing and treating diabetes 2, but it can cause other health problems when left untreated.

During the 50s & 60s

during the 50s & 60s

The 50s and 60s bring new health concerns as the ageing process begins. Men in this age range can have fulfilling lives and happy relationships, but understanding the risks you're under and monitoring any symptoms can help you prevent any health concerns.

Prostate issues

Men in their 50s and 60s have higher risks of prostate issues, and your doctor might invite you for regular checks to prevent cancer. The symptoms of prostate cancer include:

  • Feeling pain in the back, thighs and hips
  • Urinary problems, including an increased urge to urinate or struggling to pass any
  • Erectile dysfunction

Taking note of any changes and seeking medical advice immediately can prevent cancer.

Heart and bone disease

Previous lifestyle choices can also have an impact as you age, including heavy drinking and unhealthy food options. Heart disease is still the most common cause of death in UK males, but getting regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet can decrease the risks (ONS).

While women are more at risk of osteoporosis, it can impact men too. The leading cause of it is changing hormone levels and not getting enough vitamins. Taking supplements and exercising regularly can reduce the chances of the condition.

Mental health issues

Getting older impacts everyone differently, but a lot of men find their mental health takes a hit. Depression and a lack of purpose can affect your daily life and relationships.

Dealing with low self-esteem can also be common, as this is usually when we notice our changing faces and bodies. However, staying active and accessing medical support can help you eliminate negative moods.

If you're dealing with poor self-esteem, aesthetic treatments can help you feel your best.



Men over 70 have heightened risks of various cancers, heart disease and problems with their cognitive function. According to Cancer Research, individuals between 75 and 79 have the highest prevalence of prostate cancer in the UK.

The key to protecting your health during the later stages of life is making vital changes earlier on. A healthy diet, regular exercise, going smoke-free and taking care of yourself means you can enjoy worry-free golden years.

Final thoughts

Your health is the most precious thing you can have, and knowing how to protect yours means fewer risks of illness later in life. The Eden Clinic for Men has a dedicated team of men's health specialists to help you unlock optimal health.

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