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Ellie has a back ground in lecturing and assessing beauty therapy at Plymouth College. She has over ten years experience in the beauty industry but we were lucky enough to lure her over to Eden clinic!

Ellie is dedicated to supporting our patient's and works hard to maintain healthcare governance within the clinic. She is also a trained phlebotomist and has a reputation for painless venepuncture!


Dr Angela Servis

Dr Angela Servis is a GP with 17 years of experience as a medical officer in the Army. A varied military career that started in Germany with the Royal engineers and ended in 3 Commando Brigade. Angela loved her time in the Army and it gave rise to a special interest in Men’s health due to a few key patient's that piqued her interest in the area.

She sought additional training in the area through Professor Geoff Hackett at the British Society for Sexual medicine to enable her to optimise her clinical output for people struggling with testosterone deficiency and sexual dysfunction.

She is an active member of the British society for Sexual medicine and the International Society for sexual medicine. Angela has also undertaken Men's health modules remotely through Harvard medical School.

Angela also has an interest in weight management and is certified through the National Medical weight management programme. In a brief break from her medical commitments after a deployment in Afghanistan she completed training in personal training which she uses to help holistically support patient's with weight management goals.

advanced clinical practitioner


Undergraduate: Bachelors in Science Degree BSc (Hons) Nursing Postgraduate: Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences (MMedSci) passed with Distinction
Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) Certified Paediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor  

Felix has nearly 20 years of healthcare experience, with the majority of this in emergency medicine. He is also very experienced in hormone replacement therapy. Hormonal deficiency is under recognised and sometimes even misdiagnosed leading to potential negative side effects from medications that are not clinically required/appropriate. He is committed to increasing awareness of hormone deficiency and promoting hormonal health through education and critical appraisal of the relevant scientific literature.  He addresses everyone with respect and dignity and tries to maintain a solid moral and ethical compass.  

“Don’t Judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”  
Felix has always believed in modelling behaviours that he wishes to see in/from others. When he treat patients, he gives them his all and I expects the same in return. This is underpinned by evidence informed clinical decision making and not opinion or conjecture. His philosophy on this point is summed up nicely below:  

“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance” – Hippocrates

Health Coach

Guy Servis

Guy achieved a 1st class honours degree in Strength and conditioning and is co-owner of Plymouth Performance Gym.

Guy has undertaken health coaching training through the Chek institute.
He has a keen interest in wholistic health optimisation and providing evidenced based guidance for motivated individuals who are looking for support in achieving their goals. He guides people through nutritional decisions, physical goals and personal development.

With qualifications in BioForce heart rate variability training, Guy has the experience and knowledge to help support your physical goals and recovery to help you optimise your health.

Testosterone deficiency can have an insidious impact on motivation, energy levels, mood, decision making and body composition. While testosterone replacement therapy is a great tool set, sometimes its good to have a bit of support and guidance to get you on your way.

empower men to take control of their own health.