Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A man testosterone levels decrease after the age of 30. For some men, this doesn’t prove to be a problem and they don’t notice any symptoms. But for other men, the decrease is more noticeable and can cause symptoms such as:
* Lethargy
* Low mood
‍* Depression
* Low libido
* Brain fog, poor concentration
* Erectile dysfunction.

There are other causes for reduction in testosterone. Did you know that as many as 50% of men with type 2 diabetes will have low testosterone?  This often goes undiagnosed and sometimes is treated with antidepressants which can worsen symptoms! Sometimes men just think this is a normal ageing process and don’t realise there is help available.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome has many causes, some we are only just beginning to understand and I'm sure there are more to discover.

Here at Eden we offer a bespoke service, tailored to your needs. A diagnostic service starts with blood tests and when your results come in it is then followed up by an hour long consultation where your concerns are listened to an a plan is made to best suit your health needs and your goals.

We practice in line with guidelines set out by the British Society of Sexual medicine laid out here.

Testosterone treatments vary in cost from £15 monthly to £65 monthly.

If your bloods and symptoms indicate that you have testosterone deficiency, the doctor will assess the cause and best treatment options. Treatments available for people with proven testosterone deficiency include:

On licence:
Testosterone gels

Off licence:
Testosterone cypionate
Testosterone enanthate
Compounded scrotal creams

Some people also need to take a medication to support testicular function and maintain spermatogenesis in the testes. This will help maintain fertility. This medication is called Human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG. Its always recommended that men wanting to maintain their fertility, undertake a baseline semen analysis before starting treatment. A basic one can be bought in pharmacies or even on Amazon!

What does the term “off licence” mean?
Before a medication can be used in the United Kingdom, it has to be granted a specific licence.  The licence tells you that all the appropriate safety checks have been done and the benefits of the medicine are believed to outweigh the potential risks and side effects.

So if a treatment is used "off-licence", it means that the medicine has a licence and has been deemed safe, but it’s not for the condition that is being treated.

What can I expect?
TRT should be considered a life long treatment so it's a big commitment, both financially and otherwise.

For most men with testosterone deficiency, its life changing. Brain fog is lifted, anxiety disappears, motivation and energy returns. A lot of men find that they get back their "present" with loved ones and friends. Libido returning and developing confidence in erectile function can also re-invigorate your intimate relationship.

How long before I feel better?
This can take time. For some people its a couple of weeks, for others, they can still be "lagging" at 4 months.

If you're taking tadalafil daily, a PDE5i, this can help erectile funciton within a few days. If you've struggled with it for a while, it can take a bit longer.

Its important to look on testosterone as a toolkit. Testosterone will help with energy levels and motivation, but you also need to address your mindset, your diet, your exercise, your sleep. Start journalling and living consciously and ensuring that your making decisions about life, rather than life "happening" around you.

Useful resources
Advanced Fundamental health
This is a useful resource with some phenomenal educational resources, including this ebook, written by Dave Lee who is an expert in the field of men's health. It's the second in a series and discusses some of the intricacies of testosterone replacement therapy. His TRT 101 ebook is also a very useful handrail for people starting out or even for men who have started TRT and feel that they're not getting the results they would like.

The British society for Sexual Medicine guidelines are very helpful for understanding recommended treatment thresholds.

This is a site that you can use to calculate your free testosterone from your total testosterone.

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What happens if you find you have testosterone deficiency ?

My aim is to give you the tailored support that you need to feel comfortable with your treatment pathway and confident with the administration of your medication.

When you start treatment, you will be invited to become a member of the clinic for £40 a month. You will be asked to provide photographic identification and proof of your address. You will also be asked to provide a minimum of two blood test results.

Once you start treatment, you will be reviewed 2 weeks after starting your treatment to check you’re comfortable with your injection technique. This can be done via video link or in person.

You will then be asked to do a blood test at the 6-7 week point and you will be reviewed again approximately at 7-8 weeks. If all is will you will be asked to do a further set of bloods at 11 weeks and reviewed again at the 12 week point.

The first three months of starting testerone replacement therapy can seem a bit busy, but it’s important to give you the support you need to get you on your way and feeling confident in your management of medications.
After that, if you have no symptoms or need for adjustments to dose, you will be reviewed with blood tests 6 monthly.

If you have questions or feel you need a review, you can book a 30 minute review. Hopefully by this point a to of your symptoms will be resolving and you’ve built confidence in the process and empowered to manage your medication.

You’ll be given access to videos to help you with your medications as well as written instructions. If needed, you can also contact the clinic and ask for a consultation.