December 19, 2023

An Open Conversation about Men's Sexual Health

An Open Conversation about Men's Sexual Health

Men are notoriously uncomfortable when itcomes to talking about general health concerns, so it will come as no surprisethat many don't want to discuss sexual problems. Despite erectile dysfunctionbeing a common condition, it's still classed as taboo.

Well, we're about to lift the lid on erectiledysfunction and explain why it's good to have open conversations when you'redealing with it.

Let's get started.

What is sexual dysfunction in men?


Sexual dysfunction is an umbrella term thatdescribes a range of conditions that men of all ages can experience. While someare temporary, others cause long-term symptoms, which result in confidence andrelationship issues.


Premature ejaculation is a common conditionwhere men experience a release of semen sooner than they'd like. In many cases,this is a one-off or rare occurrence, with one in three men experiencing it atsome point.

However, some males can have regularoccurrences, and this is when they often seek treatment. Premature ejaculationcan be embarrassing for men and impact their relationships.

Low Libido

Hormones and emotional states play significantroles in our libidos, and many couples find they struggle with a lack ofinterest in intimacy throughout the relationship.

As males age, their testosterone levelsgradually decrease, but a sudden drop might also cause their libidos toplummet.

Taking medications or suffering from a severeillness such as diabetes or heart disease can also cause libido issues.Research shows that 30% of males are impacted by a low libido at some point,with 15% experiencing Hypoactive Sexual Disorder (NCBI).


Delayed or inhibited ejaculation occurs when aman requires a lot of stimulation to release semen or fails to ejaculate atall. In most cases, the condition occurs due to certain medications,experiencing depression or psychological issues, but it can also be lifelong.

Some men begin experiencing symptoms duringpuberty, and they carry on during adulthood, resulting in fertility problemsand a lack of satisfaction from relationships.

Research from TAU shows us thatmen are more likely to experience delayed ejaculation as they age, but thereare very few studies on lifelong inhibited ejaculation.


Erectile dysfunction is one of the most commonsexual issues in men and occurs more frequently in males over 40. According tothe Urology Care Foundation, the condition impacts 30 million men in the USA alone and can occurfor numerous reasons.

Lifestyle factors, including obesity, smokingand exercise, are common, but men with diabetes and high blood pressure arealso at risk.

ED can cause low self-esteem and impactrelationships. Despite its prevalence, many males refuse to talk about theirsymptoms due to feelings of inadequacy.

Why discussing erectile dysfunction is essential


When men do talk with each other about sex,it's usually macho bravado, winking and slapping on the back incongratulations. Erectile issues don't come into it, and most men would rathersuffer in silence than let others know they're struggling.

Being able to discuss erectile issues canactually help males to deal with them and seek the right treatment. Let's lookat how open conversations can change the face of ED for good.

Breaking thestigma

The fact that so many men struggle with sexualdysfunction but few are willing to speak about it shows how stigmatised it is.Despite the modern society we live in, men still face expectations that theyshould be macho and not show signs of weakness.

However, failing to speak about erectileissues can damage relationships and cause a lack of communication. Whilethere's little research in the UK to confirm the impact of ED on marriages, astudy in India estimates upto 30% of marriages end due to sexual impotence.

If men feel more comfortable talking abouttheir issues, their partners can offer support and help them navigate theirsexual dysfunction.

Treatingsexual dysfunction

When males choose to suffer in silence, theyoften don't get the necessary support. There are numerous treatments availablefor erectile dysfunction, but they require a diagnosis and proper assessmentfrom a skilled professional.

Secondary ED is most common in males, andthere are plenty of erectile dysfunction treatments available, including:

●     Counselling: Relationship counselling can help males getto the root cause of their erectile problems and implement coping techniques toreduce performance anxiety.

●     Medications: Oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra andTadalafil are effective in helping men achieve and sustain erections.

●     Surgery: Some men might also have vascular surgery orchoose to have a vacuum installed, which helps them achieve an erection.  

Once you find an effective treatment, you canlimit the symptoms and look forward to a full sex life.

Uncoveringunderlying causes

Being able to discuss emotional andpsychological problems openly is central to emotional wellbeing and overcomingpsychological trauma. Previous abuse, being hurt in a former relationship anddealing with a mental illness can all impact your sex life.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, just 36% of NHS psychological referrals are for men,with women being the most likely to seek support. Medications can help peopleovercome anxiety and depression, ensuring their symptoms improve.

Psychotherapy can help men address previousabuse or other traumas that might be impacting their sexual performance. Forexample, growing up in a strict religious household could lead to feelings ofguilt when engaging in sexual activity.

If more men feel comfortable seeking supportfor their issues, it could open the door for others.

Reclaim your sexual health

Toxic masculinity continues to dominate howmen navigate physical and emotional problems, but struggling with sexual healthshouldn't be a secret.

Once males feel confident enough to discusstheir insecurities, they can reclaim their sexual health and look forward tobetter relationships.

If you'd like support with erectiledysfunction, the Eden Clinic offers a range of diagnostic tests and treatments.

Once we know more about you, we'll look atwhat's halting your sex life and can begin testosterone replacement therapy or advise you on other treatments.

The first step is often the hardest, but ourdedicated specialists treat you empathetically and professionally. Please feelfree to contact us today.

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