January 17, 2024

Healthy Habits for a Strong Heart: Cardiovascular Care Tips for Men

Healthy Habits for a Strong Heart: Cardiovascular Care Tips for Men

Heart disease is an ongoing health concern formen. According to the British Heart Foundation, an estimated 66,000 deaths associated withcardiovascular disease occur annually, making it one of the most prominentcauses of fatalities.

Men are almost twice as likely to suffer fromheart disease than women, but taking preventative measures can prevent it fromoccurring.

In this guide, we'll explore some healthyhabits for a strong heart so you can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle.

The leading causes of heart disease in men

Multiple factors contribute to heart diseasein men, including genetic predispositions, environmental factors and lifestylechoices.

Understanding the leading causes is key topreventing cardiovascular problems.

●     PoorDiet: Diets that contain highamounts of saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium can contribute to heartproblems, along with consuming fatty foods and too much red meat.

●     SedentaryLifestyle: Regular exerciseis crucial for heart health, and people who don't get enough of it can strugglewith cardiovascular issues later in life.

●     Obesity: Higher amounts of body fat around the waistcan lead to heart disease, which puts men at higher risk because they're morelikely to gain weight in this area.

●     LifestyleChoices: Smoking andexcessive drinking can impact numerous areas of your body, including the liver,lungs and heart.

●     Diabetes: In some cases, heart disease can be due to amedical condition, with diabetes being one of the most common contributors, asit might impact your blood vessels.

●     FamilyHistory: If a family memberhas a heart attack at an early age, it increases your risk of experiencingcardiovascular problems. However, lifestyle improvements can prevent this fromhappening.

●     Age: Men over 45 are more likely to have heartdisease, but this doesn't necessarily mean they'll experience it. However, whencombined with stress and other factors, it does put older males at higher risk.

Top healthy habits for heart health

So, now you know more about the leading causesof heart disease in men, it's time to reveal some of the best cardiovascularcare tips. Remember, incorporating the following tips into your life at a youngage can help you sustain healthy habits that result in a strong heart.

Consume ahealthy diet

What you put into your mouth will impact yourbody. For example, a diet high in saturated fats and cholesterol will impactyour cardiovascular system and could increase your blood pressure.

Research highlights thatpeople with the lowest risks of heart disease consume high amounts ofvegetables, fruits and fish, along with whole fats. Specialists recommend youmoderate your sugar intake and focus on introducing balanced foods into yourregime.

Get regularexercise

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle putsyou at risk of numerous conditions, including heart disease. However, keepingactive can prevent it and enhance your overall health.

The good news is you don't need to run for 30minutes a day or spend ages in the gym because simple changes to your routineshould be enough.

Walking to work instead of driving and gettingout in nature is enough to give your cardiovascular system a workout.

Moderateunhealthy habits

It goes without saying that smoking is bad foryour health and puts you at a higher risk of numerous conditions.

Giving up your tobacco habit can decrease thechances of cardiovascular disease, but research also confirms it can reduce theeffects in people with a current diagnosis (CDC).

It would help if you also moderate your weeklyalcohol consumption or make healthier swaps. For example, switching sugarycocktails and beer to red wine can be beneficial.

Reduce yourstress levels

We live in a high-stress society, where hecticwork schedules and little time for relaxation can have a negative impact onyour overall health.

Individuals in high-stress jobs are more atrisk of a heart attack, including emergency service workers, executives andshift workers (CBS News). Much ofthis is attributable to unpredictability and dealing with people on a regularbasis.

There are ways to switch off and reducestress, including:

●     Focus on self-care and take time to enjoy yourhobbies.

●     Leaving work where it belongs and making yourtime at home more relaxing.

●     Spending more time with your friends andfamily.

●     Get regular massages or explore other holistictherapies, including acupuncture.

Remember, the key to taking control of men's health is seekingsupport and recognising that stress might impact you more than it seems.

Get yourseven hours of sleep

The importance of sleep should never beunderestimated, and even more so as you age. When you get seven hours of sleep,it promotes a healthy circadian rhythm, which regulates your blood pressure andbalances your hormones.

If you're struggling to sleep, it's worthlooking at the underlying cause. Some people might have a disorder whichrequires treatment, while others find changing their mattress or gettingblackout curtains helps them relax and switch off.

Go forregular health checks

Even the most basic health check can flag upsignificant issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When a specialistcatches these early, treating the condition before it worsens is much easier.

If you don't want to see your GP, ourspecialist clinic offers in-depth diagnostics, which monitor your overallhealth. For example, hyperlipidemia (also known as high cholesterol) isidentifiable through a lipid test that you can get from the Eden Clinic for Men.

Most importantly, if someone doesn't seemright, seeking support before the symptoms worsen is always a good idea.

Final thoughts

Caring for your heart now can ensure you livea long and happy life without worry, and small changes will make a significantdifference. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are the cornerstones ofheart health, but stress reduction can also be beneficial.

If you'd like support with your health orrequire diagnostic tests, the Eden Clinic for Men specialises in proactiveinterventions that result in more longevity. Please feel free to contact ourdedicated team for more information today.

empower men to take control of their own health.