December 19, 2023

The Modern Man's Guide to Proactive Health Management

The Modern Man's Guide to Proactive Health Management

In today's technology-driven world, you'dthink people have more time to focus on themselves. However, our ultra-busylives often mean health is the last thing on anyone's mind—especially if you'rea man.

According to research, men with health issuesare less likely to see a doctor than women, often resulting in conditionsworsening. For example, melanoma death rates are 50% higher in men than women,as many males find it challenging to share their fears with a GP (NCBI).

The fact is, your wellbeing matters, andproactive health management is central to prolonging your life and being ableto enjoy each day.

In this guide, we'll explore proactive healthmanagement and how you can implement it in your life.

Men's health matters

Men are at risk of a range of health issues,and - as with most conditions - an early diagnosis is often better thantreatment. However, if males refuse to promote their health and have opendiscussions, it's harder to diagnose illnesses immediately.

The Cleveland Clinicasked men how often they talked about their health, and 53% said they didn't.Shockingly, 60% of the men surveyed stated they actively avoid going to theirdoctor for a checkup until the symptoms get gradually worse.

Further research from The Prioryhighlights that 40% of men refuse to speak about their mental health despitemany suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.

Social stigmas can make it hard for males toopenly address their health concerns, with older men being less likely to speakto their doctors or another medical professional.

Men's health matters, and failing to takeproactive steps could expose you to various conditions. While some aretreatable, others can lead to fatalities.

Men are mostat risk of the following conditions:

●     Heart Disease

●     Diabetes

●     Strokes

●     Liver Issues

●     Respiratory Diseases (COPD)

●     Cancer (Colon, Lung and Prostate)

●     Pneumonia

●     HIV

●     Depression

In the UK alone, 12,000 men die of prostatecancer each year, and the incidence rates have steadily increased since the1990s (Cancer Research).

The British Heart Foundation also highlights that one in eight men pass away due toheart disease, which is almost double the rate in women.

Top tips for proactive health management

Proactive health management doesn't need to bea headache for men; the right support can help you navigate potential issues.Following these tips lets you focus on your health and make it part of yourroutine.

Go forregular checkups

Men in the UK aged between 40 and 74 areeligible for NHSHealth Checks, which usually takes placeevery five years. During the check, your GP will evaluate your general healthand assess for any risks of diabetes, heart disease or obesity-relatedconditions.

These checks give you an idea of yourcholesterol levels and can flag potential health risks, giving you peace ofmind.

Makelifestyle changes

Never underestimate the positive impacts ofdiet and exercise. Foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars can lead toa range of health issues, including obesity, heart disease and sleep apnoea.

Even small lifestyle changes can significantlyaffect your overall health, promoting better sleep, reducing the risks ofobesity and preventing heart disease.

The good news is regular exercise doesn't meanpumping iron in the gym. Walking to work, swimming and playing sports can alsorevamp your health.

If your weight is becoming an issue, investingin specialist weight managementservices can help you shed some extra pounds and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Get regulartests

If you know something doesn't feel right,getting tests can rest your mind and ensure you receive proper treatment.

We all know the NHS can be slow in referringpeople for even simple blood tests, but proactive health management meansyou're in the driver's seat.

You can get private blood tests that check forvarious conditions and functions, including thyroid and liver disease, kidneyfailure and lipid tests to monitor cholesterol levels.

Cut outsmoking and drinking

Smoking is one of the worst things anyone cando, and it dramatically increases your risks of heart disease and variouscancers. It's never too late to stop smoking, and quitting can reduce yourrisks of related conditions.

For example, ASH estimates thatpeople who quit before 30 have a 90% decreased risk of lung cancer. Drinkingalcohol regularly can also increase the risk of liver disease later in life,but moderating your intake can work wonders for your health.

You don't need to give it up altogether, butsmall changes can result in positive lifestyle benefits.

Know yourmind

Despite the many advances we've made as asociety, mental health is still somewhat of a stigma. Depression can impactanyone, regardless of their history, and the effects can be devastating.

Failing to seek support can cause yourdepression to worsen, resulting in social isolation, an inability to work and -in extreme cases - suicide.

By making time for self-care and focusing onreducing stress, you can reduce the risks of depression. Self-care is somethinga lot of women practise, but men can also benefit from taking some time forthemselves and relaxing.

Whether it's a massage, reading a book orpractising mindfulness, stress reduction can decrease the chances of anxietyand depression.

Focus onrelationships

As men age, their risk of erectile dysfunctionincreases, which can significantly impact relationships and lead to intimacyissues. Luckily, there are a range of treatments that can improve the symptomsand allow you to enjoy a healthy sex life.

From traditional tablets to creams andtherapeutic interventions, erectile dysfunction no longer needs to be a hugeissue.

The bottom line

Your health is central to living a full andhappy life, but few people choose to focus on theirs. Taking notice of anysymptoms can prevent severe conditions from worsening and ensure you gettreatment.

As the saying goes, prevention is better thanthe cure. Aside from physical health, monitor your moods and identify whetheryou're experiencing a lot of stress, as this will help you relax and preventdepression.

Whatever your health needs are, the EdenClinic for Men specialises in giving ourclients a happier and healthier future. With diagnostic tests available, wehelp you get to the root cause of any problem, facilitating rapid treatment.

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